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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Eit/Aht a Netivot Wisdom Oracle

Eit/Aht a Netivot Wisdom Oracle

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These oracle cards have been developed from the teachings I learned in my training as a Kohenet as well as my experience of the Netivot and working with them for more than 15 years.

Each deck, of this second edition, comes in a custom designed rigid box and an 85 page booklet.


✨ 53 card deck
✨ 2.75 x4.75" cards (standard Tarot size), full color, 300gsm playing card stock
✨ Glossy finish
✨ Printed in USA
✨ Packaged in custom designed rigid box
✨ 85 page companion book booklet
✨ Exclusive self-published deck and only 300 have been printed.

A B O U T   T H E   C A R D S

The structure of this 53 card deck organizes the 13 Netivot into 4 suits: Gifts, Vessels, Offerings, Allies.

🌒 GIFTS are what flow to us from the Divine, and correspond with the waxing moon. They are Divine spiritual gifts to help us on our paths.

🌕 VESSELS are what flow through us from the Divine, and correspond to the full moon. Each is a manifestation of the Divine as they appear in human form, work, and dreams.

🌘 OFFERINGS are what flow from us back out into the world and to the Divine, and correspond with the waning moon. These are the tools we use as part of our Divine work or service.

🌑 ALLIES are what support the sacred flow between us and the Divine, and correspond with the dark moon. They are animals, plants, places that support us as we walk through the world.

 In addition to the 52 Netivot cards, there is the 53rd card, eit/aht (את), which represents the Divine Feminine in all possible forms.


Each card has:

  • a message on the top
  • an image to represent the Netivah as it appears in each suit
  • the Hebrew name transliterated in English letters (center bottom)
  • the English name (lower left)
  • the Hebrew name in Hebrew letters (lower right). 

You'll also see a circle with the letter V, O, A, or G to indicate the suit.

This deck is deeply rooted in Jewish teachings and representing that means ensuring the deck is not just “Ashka-normative” — meaning focused on imagery of White, Eastern European Jewry.

The Divine Feminine appears in many ways as well in this deck, as spiritually we have access to the full spectrum of feminine, masculine, multi-gendered, and non-gendered aspects of the Divine — regardless of our own gender or gender identity.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very original with lots of new ways of seeing yourself and your life through archetypes. Highly recommend, along with the workbook!

Traci Price

Beautiful deck - excited to get to know & work with it! Thank you :)


Beautiful and exactly what I hoped for

Carly Sutherland

Just received mine here in Scotland!Cards are absolutely beautiful and are so thoughtfully and meaningfully structured. Accompanying booklet is informative and really brings the cards and their interpretations to life. Highly recommend.