Neon Sign: This is the Sign You’ve Been Waiting For
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Over the past 20+ years I have written about Jewish spirituality and magick.

This began as Peeling a Pomegranate, a blog I wrote for 10 years before the birth of Devotaj Sacred Arts.

Now my writing lives at devotaj.substack.com. It covers both my core focus points of making, mussar, and magick as well as topics such as the Jewish wheel of the year including over correspondences for each month like tarot card and tribe as well as a guide to counting the omer, unpacking of Hebrew words, and my own midrash (sacred stories).

There is a growing library of rituals and resources to explore, and each month I send out a free newsletter with teachings on the Jewish month and updates on all things Devotaj Sacred Arts. 

Learn more at devotaj.substack.com or simply register below to begin the journey!

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