Soul Trait Studio

Join Ketzirah for Soul Trait Studio from 3-4:30 monthly for a mussar practiced focused on the soul trait of the month

No experience needed and free* of charge.
Registration is required for each month.

New to mussar? Check out the 101 or purchase Ketzirah’s Introduction to Mussar Practice ebook.

These 90 minute sessions are designed to be drop-in style.
Come when you can.

All registrants will receive the video and monthly practice guide the following day.



Tishrei Studio: 10/22/2023
Kavod | Honor
Location: Zoom
Time: 3-4:30pm ET



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Why I don’t Charge
I consider your time to be the exchange for this offering, which is why I don’t charge money to register. While it is always an option to attend on your own time, via the recording I send out the next day, these sessions remain free of monetary charge because of those who do commit to attending in real time.

Dates & Practice Guides for 5784*:

Additional 5784 dates announced soon.
  • January 2024: Tevet | Sakranut | Curiosity
  • Feb 2024: Shevat | Ahavah | Love
  • March 2024: Adar | Zehirut | Illuminated Awareness
  • April 2024: Nisan | Simcha | Joy
  • May 2024: Iyyar I Savlanut | Patience
  • June 2024: Sivan | Emet | Truth
  • July 2024: Tammuz | B’lev Shalem | Wholeheartedness
  • August 2024: Av | Ometz Lev | Courage
  • September 2024: Elul | Hineni | Presence

No mussar experience is required to attend these sessions, but I will not be spending time on introducing mussar as a practice or my approach to mussar. 

You can use the resources on or purchase a copy of my mussar ebook to brush up or explore for the first time.

*Dates are subject to change. As much notice as possible will be given if a date needs to change for any reason.