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Episode 6: How monotheistic is the Torah, really?
Polytheism Today with Angela Raincatcher, 2023

Kameot: Jewish Amulets from the Torah to Today
Occult Humanities Conference, September 2023

Episode 345: When Jewish Meets Jewitch
Judaism Unbound, 2022

How TV has embraced dybbuks, golems and other Jewish lore
The Jewish News of Northern California, 2021

From ‘Shtisel’ to ‘Tiger King,’ the secret TV bingeing pleasures of America’s Jewish clergy
The Forward, 2021

‘There’s no one right way to kohenet’: The Hebrew priestess movement aims to center women’s voices
JTA, 2021

Interview with Kohenet Annie Matan and Kohenet D’vorah Grenn
Facebook, 2020

Painted Pomegranates and Needlepoint Rabbis: How Jews Craft Resilience and Create Community by Jodi Eichler-Levine

Talking Golems with Kohenet Ketzirah
Washington Jewish Week, 2020

Golden Thread Conversations Interview
Pockets of Serenity, 2020

The Hebrew Priestess by Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer and Rav Kohenet Taya Ma
Ben Yehuda Press, 2015

Priestly Caste
Tablet Magazine, 2010

Magickal Judaism by Jen Hunter
Citadel Press, 2006 (as Chava Chai / Carly)

Nice Jewish Girls Leave their Brooms in the Closet
The Forward, 2003 (as Carly)