Devotaj Sacred Arts is a studio for the sacred arts that offers Jewishly-rooted spiritual tools and coaching to connect past, present, and possible future(s).


third minyan of golem/et


Learn More about Devotaj Sacred Arts golem/et.

Glitter Golem Stickers


Explore our original design amulet and Jewitchy and Jewish stickers.

Kesharim K'doshim Mussar


Mussar is a 1000 year old Jewish spiritual practice, which we have updated to incorporate the earth-based, feminist, multi-gender, progressive teachings Kohenet. Learn More.

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Devotaj Sacred Arts Logo: Flame with Heart Star

Jewishly-rooted objects and artifacts
that serve not only as spiritual tools in the present,
but also as a dialogue between past and possible future(s).

listening to the sacred and effectively interpreting those messages.

the skill, art, or craft that one uses for channeling sacred messages into tangible form.

creating and facilitating experiences intended to empower and transform.