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Winter Trees

Wintery Landscape, an aerial view of evergreen trees with mist and snow. Source: Unsplash uploaded by Eric Muhr


Asher Emblem – Original design I created for my nephew Asher’s bris kippah. My nephew Asher was supposed to be born in Shevat, but came a few days early last year!

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third minyan of golem/et

Learn More about Devotaj Sacred Arts golem/et.


Glitter Golem Stickers

Explore our original design amulet and Jewitchy and Jewish stickers.


Kesharim K'doshim Mussar

Explore our approach earth-based, feminist, multi-gender, liberatory approach to the ancient Jewish spiritual practice of Mussar.

Devotaj Sacred Arts Logo: Flame with Heart Star

Devotaj Sacred Arts is a studio for the sacred arts exploring Jewishly-rooted making, mussar, and magick to connect past, present, and possible future(s).

channeling sacred messages into tangible form

becoming a good person

creating catalysts for spiritual or material change