Channeling Sacred Messages into Tangible Forms

As a maker and teacher of the sacred arts, I create magickal art and judaica for those creating a vibrant spiritual practice that draws on past, present, and possible future(s).

The list of possible craftwork to explore is practically infinite – but here are a few to get you thinking: ai art, embroidery, sculpture, weaving, painting, storytelling, chant, music, writing, dance, baking/cooking, energy work, massage, candle making, print making, etc, etc, etc

My craftwork takes many forms as well. But in all of it, I consider that work to be a way of channeling sacred messages into tangible forms. Check the shop for work I’m offering to others, which changes as the messages from the Divine shift and change. I work on what I am called to work on by ancestors, allies, and Spirit.

To me, this work is creation of Visual Incantations. Work that is more than just something pretty (although I hope it is). Items that are imbued with spiritual power and kavanah - spiritual intent.