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Dark Lilith Ritual
A ritual for working with Lilith as daughter of
A stunning starry night sky above a forest

Edenic / Angelic Circle Casting
Invoking the rivers of eden, angels, and other key Jewish imagery.

Magical circle of fairy lights
The Devotaj Sacred Arts guide to counting the omer, a spiritual practice that takes us from Pesach to

Making + Magick: Bending Time
Exploring how I create tarot/oracle spreads through a new one to help you shorten the way



A progressive practice guide to working with tzitzit as a normative and magickal Jewish practice.
A source sheet about exploring dream interpretation in Jewish teachings and traditions.
A lamentation for Tisha B’Av and any time of great change.

Angels in Jewish Teachings & Traditions
Source sheet providing an overview of angels as understood in Judaism, with a few references to specific angels.