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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Shaddai Shiviti with Scroll

Shaddai Shiviti with Scroll

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Shaddai shiviti amulet in silk, framed with a hoop wrapped in incredible hand spun yarn interlaced with metallics and beads.

Size: 5.75" diameter, 14"
Fibers: Silk, wool, metallics
Frame: wool, metallics wrapped wood
Scroll Text: יֹשב בסתר עליון בצל שדי יתלונן

The scroll which is nestled in the frame, has Hebrew text from Psalms 91:1:
O you who dwell in the shelter of the Most High and abide in the protection of Shaddai
(יֹשב בסתר עליון בצל שדי יתלונן)

The scroll is handwritten on "seed paper," which has wildflower seeds embedded in it. So if you choose you can remove, plant it -- and replace it with your own scroll.

A shiviti is a Jewish amulet/focal point for prayer and meditation on the presence of the Divine in all things. To learn more about shiviti see:

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