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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Reading: Vessel, Offering, Ally

Reading: Vessel, Offering, Ally

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How do Email Readings Work?

Within a week, you’ll receive and email that contains an audio recording of your reading, photos of your cards, a brief description of the deck used, and a written summary of the reading.

If there’s a specific situation or area of your life that you’d like your reading to focus on, please share that information in the text area for that. Please don’t ask “yes/no” questions. Also please remember this is guidance not solutions.

Can I Schedule a Call to Discuss my Reading?
Currently readings are via email only.

Reading Notes
Use this to share anything you think is important to know centering your reading.

Readings are non-refundable once delivered.
However, I do reserve the right to refuse any reading based on the content of the question/situation and will issue a full refund.

What if the Reading I Want is Sold Out?
You can actually select any of the spreads I offer when you request a reading. If you really want a different style of reading you can note that in the reading notes.

The different "product pages" just make it easier to showcase the different offerings, but you can select any reading on any reading page.

What Decks Will Be Used for My Reading?
Kohenet Ketzirah has a large collection of tarot and oracle decks. Her default deck is the Eht/Aht: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle, you can also opt for a tarot deck and Ketzirah will choose the deck that feels most resonant.

What is a Vessel, Offering, Ally Reading?
This spread is intended to offer general support and guidance on weekly, monthly, seasonal, or annual basis. Before shuffling, the deck is divided into three groupings Vessels = Major Arcana, Offerings = Aces, Allies = Minor Arcana (other than Aces), Gifts = pulled remaining minor arcana and aces. If using the Eht/Aht: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle, then the deck is simply divided into its four suits.

  1. Vessel: The embodiment of the Divine that will best serve you during this period of time.
  2. Offering: The action or opportunity that will help you to embody this pathway of the Divine
  3. Ally: The plant, animal, or place that can support
  4. Rising Gift: The Divine gift that is outward facing and seeking expression and action in the world
  5. Emerging Gift: The Divine gift that needs cultivating to unlock or balance your rising gift
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