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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Reading: Archangels

Reading: Archangels

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How do Email Readings Work?

Within a week, you’ll receive and email that contains an audio recording of your reading, photos of your cards, a brief description of the deck used, and a written summary of the reading.

If there’s a specific situation or area of your life that you’d like your reading to focus on, please share that information in the text area for that. Please don’t ask “yes/no” questions. Also please remember this is guidance not solutions.

Can I Schedule a Call to Discuss my Reading?
Currently readings are via email only.

What if the Reading I Want is Sold Out?
You can actually select any of the spreads I offer when you request a reading.  Just note your preferred spread in the reading notes area.

Readings are non-refundable once delivered.
However, I do reserve the right to refuse any reading based on the content of the question/situation and will issue a full refund.

What Decks Will Be Used for My Reading?

Kohenet Ketzirah has a large collection of tarot and oracle decks. Her default deck is the Eht/Aht: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle, you can also opt for a tarot deck and Ketzirah will choose the deck that feels most resonant.

What is an Archangel Reading?
This tarot/oracle card reading spread, designed by Kohenet Ketzirah, draws on the Jewish teachings about the archangels and is inspired by the Kriat Shema (bedtime shema) - more below on this spread’s origins.

It is a wonderful reading for for general guidance in moments when you are struggling or needing supporting or just wanting to tap into the teachings and power of the archangels.

  1. Michael: What is the love I am invited to embrace?
  2. Gavriel: What is the power I am invited to claim?
  3. Rafael: What is the healing I invited to receive?
  4. Uriel: What will help illuminate the way?
  5. Sacred Center: What is the lesson your soul is learning?

In the name of the G!d/dess of Yisrael, on my right Michael and on my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head Shekhinah. (from the Kriat Shema - Bedtime Shema)

In the book The Rituals & Practices of a Jewish Life: A Handbook for Personal Spiritual Renewal, there was this unique insight that also inspired this spread.
"I see each angel as a metaphor that describes what I need emotionally and spiritually: strength, courage, insight, and health."

In Jewish tradition from the Hebrew for each name, Michael means “beloved of the Divine,” Gavriel means “G!d/dess is my strength,” Uriel means light of G!d/dess, and Rafael means “healer of/through G!d/dess.”

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