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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Mystery Grab Bag

Mystery Grab Bag

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Grab Bags are a great way to get lots of stickers, and other exclusive goodies at a huge savings. The minimum value of this bag is $50, if you purchased everything separately. And you'll receive items that you can't receive any other way.

$3.50 flat rate shipping on stickers (alone or with other stickers) orders in USA.

Included are at least:

  • 3 Altar Cards (5x7) featuring images from the 1st edition of the Netivot Wisdom Oracle
  • 1 Large (3") Golem Sticker
  • 3 Large (3") Stickers
  • 3 Small (2") Stickers
  • A full set Emoji Spell Stickers (2 of each design), with guide to emoji magick and Jewish interpretations of emojis

Then I just throw in anything else I feel like including!

What you won't know is which stickers or which of Netivot altar cards you'll receive.

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