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Mizrach Pocket Shrine

Mizrach Pocket Shrine

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Size: 3" Diameter by about 1" thick
Fiber: linen with cotton flosses and acrylic beads

This hand made Jewish pocket shrine is perfect for home and on the go as a travel altar. It makes a beautiful focal point for prayer, magick, or meditation. Whether you are traveling or not — portable is always good. It means that it doesn’t take up much space and you can take it with you wherever/if-ever you roam.

This pocket shrine has a hand embroidered mizrach (eastern direction amulet) on one side and a stylized compass design on the other, hinged together like a locket. The gorgeous hand spun art yarn cord is used to hold it closed when not in use. You can even store small items inside and it comes in an upcycled velvet pouch that also has room for a few more precious items.

The mizrach is a traditional Jewish amulet that I love to work with. For me it’s the direction of the sunrise, for others the direction of Jerusalem. According to the JPS Guide to Jewish Tradition, the root of the word mizrach (מְִזָרח) means “to cast forth rays” and is also an acronym for mitzad zeh ruach chayyim (מצד זה רוח חיים) “from this direction comes the spirit of life.”

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