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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Mixed Media Hamsa | Embroidered Judaica Fiber Art and Paint

Mixed Media Hamsa | Embroidered Judaica Fiber Art and Paint

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This original mixed media piece is part of an ongoing mixed-media series called Sacred Mirrors that draws on a story from the Torah about the women who served at the door of the Mishkan and donated their sacred mirrors to become the washbowl of the priests (Ex 38:8).

The kavanah (intention) of this piece is to reflect back to the viewer, and the world, the idea of compassion manifesting through acts of loving kindness and proper boundaries. The colors of the hamsa (hand) in this sacred mirror correspond to aspects of the kabbalistic Tree of Life from Jewish mysticism: red for gevurah (boundaries), white for chesed (loving-kindness) and blue/black for Shekhinah/malkuth (manifestation).

The piece is 15.5" by 15.5". It is mixed media paint and hand embroidery. In the center is a rough-finished opal that was cut and partially polished by my uncle, of blessed memory

It hangs via a decorative clip that allows you to determine whether you want the hand to face up or down, and change it when you desire. Depending on the position of the hamsa, it offers blessing (up) or protection (down).

The hamsa (also called Hand of Fatima in Islamic culture) is a ancient symbol of Divine presence and protection. Many people believe it to also represent the Divine Feminine, in particular. It has been used as a talisman and amulet, as well as for judaica decoration for centuries.

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