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Lucky Charms Golem/et | 6th Minyan

Lucky Charms Golem/et | 6th Minyan

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The majority of the 6th Minyan golem/et were inspired by sugary cereals of my childhood that I usually wasn't allowed to eat. This golem/et is inspired by General Mills, Lucky Charms cereal. In preparing to make this golem/et I discovered thateach of the charms has its own power, so this golem/et not only has the power of its Psalm 33 sigil, but also the power of all the other charms embroidered on it!


  • 8.5" tall and 6.5" wide, across the chest
  • Wheat colored wool felt
  • Hand embroidered with sparkly Mouliné Étoile and rainbow dyed 6-strand floss
  • Sparkly lucky charms: Pink Heart, Green Clover, Yellow Star, Purple Horseshoe, Blue Moon, Red Ballon, Rainbow, and Unicorn
  • Rainbow Psalm 33 sigil marking on bum
  • Scroll (inside) with the final lines of Psalm 33 in Hebrew and evil eye ward
Each golem/et is a handmade one-of-a-kind original - so choose yours carefully.
Learn more about the Rise of the Golem/et at:

The golem/et is have the Hebrew word for truth (אמת) inscribed on its chest, which is an inherited practice. The Devotaj Sacred Arts golem/et of the COVID-19 pandemic can be specifically identified by a special symbol on their body. Some have it on each arm, others on their back, belly, or other location. This symbol is a “sigil” a power sigil that represents Psalm 33, which has been used in Jewish history to provide spiritual protection from plague and epidemics and inside each golem is a seed paper scroll with the final lines of Psalm 33 written on it in Hebrew sealed with an evil eye ward pin.

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