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Devotaj Sacred Arts

Hineni Shiviti 2

Hineni Shiviti 2

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Hineni shiviti amulet

  • Size: 2.75” W x 10" L
  • Materials: wool, metallic embossed wool, cotton & metallic embroidery floss, glass & plastic beads, hand spun wool art yarn, metal cage
  • Hebrew Text: Hineni (הנני) Here I am
  • Signed & dated on the back

This hand embroidered amulet is a call to presence. Where are you? Are you ready for the call, whatever the Divine might ask?

When G!d/dess asks, “where are you?” Will you answer, Hineni — Here I am?

The empty “crystal cage” is for you to fill. Be open and inspired. Leave yourself a note. Place stone or small object in it. Place a fresh flower and let it dry. Whatever offerings you are called to make that will remind you to be present and the Divine that you are present.

A shiviti is a Jewish amulet/focal point for prayer and meditation on the presence of the Divine in all things. To learn more about shiviti see:

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