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Class: Understanding and Working with Lilith

Class: Understanding and Working with Lilith

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Join Kohenet Ketzirah for a four-part class to deepen your understanding of Lilith and ways of working with Lilith by exploring our personal relationships with her, the Jewish foundations of her story, stories personally received by Ketzirah, and creating invocations to her or in protection from her.

Lilith told me I needed to teach this class. I’ve been in relationship with her for more than 15 years now. She’s amended our covenant, and added the requirement that I teach a four part class about her.

Yes. I’m serious. I rarely talk about Lilith or my relationship with her, because folks have VERY strong opinions about who she is. My experience is my experience. It’s not open to debate. But apparently it’s now open to sharing.

Registrants will receive Zoom information via with 48 hours of registration.

Where & When: 

Sundays, May 19-June 9, 2024
7-8:30pm ET
via Zoom

If you need financial assistance, please reach out to Ketzirah

What to Expect:

Session 1:

  • Exploring the diversity of how people understand and engage with Lilith today.
  • In advance of the class, participants are asked to write a few sentences about what Lilith means to them - to share.
  • Discussion

Session 2: Jewish Foundations

  • Where Lilith comes from in Jewish traditions
  • Lilith of the Aleph-bet of Ben Sira
  • Lilith of the Talmud
  • A few Jewish Lilith Amulets of yesterday and today

Session 3: Ketzirah’s Experience *

  • Cast Circle
  • Share Personal Experience and Midrash
  • Discussion
  • Open Circle

Home work: Before final class all students are asked to write either an invocation to Lilith or incantation of protection from Lilith.

Session 4: Reclaimed Lilith

  • Discuss how folks impression of Lilith has changed (if it has)
  • Share invocations/incantations
  • Advice about working with complex energetic entities like Lilith


*Please note, session three may or may not be recorded. That decision will be made as we get closer to the session.


Questions? Email ketzirah (@)

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