Workshop: The Cræft of Ritual Design

Join Kohenet Ketzirah for a 4-part class on the craft of Ritual Design. This class is an expanded version of the workshop she has taught for many years at training intensives for Kohenet East.

This class will provide you with a framework for ritual design that helps beginner’s get started and can help more experienced ritualists take their ritual design to the next level. While rooted in a Jewish framework, this class is open to all and can be adapted to most spiritual paths.

  • Kohenet Ketzirah Lesser has a profound sense of how to create ritual that is meaningful, well-structured, and resonant with contemporary needs. Ketzirah weaves traditional material as well as new prayers, songs, and stories into her ritual work. Her combination of ritual leadership and research skills makes her a wonderful teacher who can fully prepare her students for the art of weaving ritual. (Rav Kohenet Rabbi Jill Hammer)
  • Ketzirah is a brilliant teacher and scholar. A scholar in the traditional sense but also a scholar of magical crafts that aren't often valued in our society. That's why her offerings are so essential. She weaves the witchy ways of Judaism into our daily lives, invites us to examine our values and offer practices to integrate the two. These lessons have been essential in my spiritual development in ways I continue to uncover. (Kohenet Rebekah Erev)
  • Ketzirah is a generous educator and powerful ritualist who I've had the honor to sit in space with in a number of very important moments. Ketzirah's teachings are crystal clear and easy to grasp. She makes ritual tangible for the the beginner in us and deepens the learning scaffolding for the experienced ritualists among us. (Kohenet Shoshana Brown)
  • Kohenet Ketzirah's guidance in ritual [craeft?] was a beautiful mix of the practical and the spiritual. The study itself was uplifting and, although I had some experience in ritual leadership, I hadn't known before Ketzirah, what it truly meant to craft ritual, rather than just conducting it. Her work is somehow grounded, ethereal, whimsical, creative, and intellectual, all at once. (Kohenet Liviah Wessley)
  • Ketzirah is, among many things, a prophetess for the sacred arts. In her Ritual Craft class she has created an organized, thoughtful format for the ways of creating ritual that I didn't know exactly how to articulate and I'm so grateful she did! Having these tools makes the work of ritual easeful and transformative. (Kohenet Bekah Starr)
  • Kohenet Ketzirah is brilliant in realms of ritual! She brings depth of creativity, clarity and humor to all she weaves and it is such a great joy to share and be guided in ritual realms by her! (Rav Kohenet Taya Ma)

This class is informed not only by Ketzirah’s many teachers including Katrina MessengerAngela RaincatcherLaura Hollick, Rav Kohenet Jill Hammer, and Rav Kohenet Taya Mâ, but also through 20 years of exploration and hands-on experience creating, participating, and leading rituals with Magick Belly #9, Becoming, Kohenet, OneShul, and the Rosh Chodesh group she led for several years.

In this workshop with Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet we’ll learn about four elements of ritual design from a Jewish/Jewitch perspective found in her guide Ritual Cræft, which you’ll receive during the class. We’ll explore how to use Ketzirah’s ritual design framework and get hands-on experience putting it to practice.

We’ll also explore how to apply this framework to developing everything from personal 1-person rituals and small group rituals to large public rituals (offline and online) including weddings and commitment ceremonies. We’ll also learn how using this framework can transform Shabbat and other holiday services.

The Cræft of Ritual Design
Wednesdays: 1/6/2021-1/27/2021
7-8:30pm ET via Zoom

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Cost: $144
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This class is for both the experienced practitioner and the beginner, and it will be recorded so you can attend in real-time or on your own time.

Everyone will have the opportunity to create a ritual outline and full script/run sheet as part of this class and receive both peer feedback as well as feedback from Kohenet Ketzirah.

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