Tevet: Sakranut (סקרנות) Curiosity| Doreshet | Practices

PRACTICES Practices for Sakranut include a song offering from Amy Wachtel, altar practice from Kohenet Bekah Starr, Scentuality by K’Alumah Schuster, sigils and boundary Work from Kohenet Ketzirah HaMa’agelet, and a meditation from Kohenet Judith Idit. Song from Amy Wachtel (Tzovah) What Is Life? by Black Uhuru.I feel it raises a question, if not questions….

Tevet: Sakranut (סקרנות) Curiosity

Welcome to #MussarWithMe 5780 where we explore the soul-traits through the wheel of the year and the Kohenet Netivot. In Tevet, we turn to the soul-trait of Sakranut (סקרנות) Curiosity and the Doreshet.