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Schmearly Beloved Golem Keychain

Take Schmearly Beloved with you on the go!
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The first ever Schmearly Beloved Golem-to-Go keychain!
Look at those caper eyes, that slice of tomato bow tie, onion slice markings, the lox-inspired โ€œemetโ€ and of course that cream cheese schmear body.

One-sided acrylic keychain featuring a digital painting of the one-of-a-kind Schmearly II from the 9th Minyan.

3" h x 2.3" inches wide

What are โ€œSecondsโ€?
There were issues with the quality of this batch and many of them had small scratches on the back that I felt impacted the overall quality, so Iโ€™m offering these as discounted 2nds. Hopefully you wonโ€™t even notice.

Just think of it like your golem best friend that you can hang on your your bags, jeans, jackets and pouches - and protect your keys (even when you lose them).

Don't forget to add some Glitter Golem stickers to your order!

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