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Schmearly Beloved Golem Enamel Pin

A sweet little golem/et friend to carry with you everywhere.
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Limited edition Golem enamel pin from Devotaj Sacred Arts!
1.5" h x 1" w inches wide

This golem pin is based on the original soft sculpture Schmearly Beloved golem, which of course was inspired by the classic bagel with cream cheese, lox, capers, tomato and a nice slice of Spanish onion.
The pin is soft enamel on rose background, with silk screened detail, and special coating to protect it from wear and tear. Oh. And the back has the signature GOLEM BOOTY!

Just think of it like your personal golem that you can wear on your your bags, jeans, jackets and pouches!

Due to a processing issue I have 100 first quality and 100 "seconds." So be sure to select first or second. Firsts will ship with the "Deli Dancer" backing card and seconds will ship with the "purple palace" backing cards.

And remember to also scoop up Schmearly Beloved stickers!

Note: the pins on the backing card are currently illustrations and the final art may vary slightly.

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