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Ruth Bader Golem/et Glitter Sticker

Proceeds from the #stickersforchoice collection will be donated to organizations supporting abortion & reproductive justice.
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Stickers for Choice!

This listing for Ruth Bader Golem/et Glitter stickers (3"x 2.5")

Proceeds from these stickers will be donated to and other organizations supporting abortion and reproductive rights justice.

Sticker is an original design by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa'agelet, featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg's (z"l) iconic dissent collar. It was designed in May 2022, in the wake of the news about Roe v. Wade most likely being overturned.

The sticker also features a quote from RBG, with one modification -- instead of "women" and "her" -- it says "person" and "their." I made this change because women are people and I believe people of ALL GENDERS are impacted by abortion and reproductive justice issues.

This is the 1st sticker in the #stickers4choice collection.
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These are perfect for journals, phones, slapping, sketch/craft booking and more. The stickers are long lasting and high quality. Glitter stickers are also waterproof.

About Glitter stickers
* Premium glittery metalized PET film with a permanent adhesive
* PET laminate with UV screening to protect from sunlight and weather
* 2-4 year outdoor life
* PVC free product

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