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Reading: Archangels

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Let the archangels guide you.
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How do Email Readings Work?

Within a week, you’ll receive and email that contains an audio recording of your reading, photos of your cards, a brief description of the deck used, and a written summary of the reading.

If there’s a specific situation or area of your life that you’d like your reading to focus on, please share that information in the text area for that. Please don’t ask “yes/no” questions. Also please remember this is guidance not solutions.

Can I Schedule a Call to Discuss my Reading?
Currently readings are via email only.

What if the Reading I Want is Sold Out?
You can actually select any of the spreads I offer when you request a reading. If you really want a Vessel, Offering, Ally Reading or Rooting and Releasing you can select one here.

The different "product pages" just make it easier to showcase the different offerings, but you can select any reading on any reading page.

Readings are non-refundable once delivered.
However, I do reserve the right to refuse any reading based on the content of the question/situation and will issue a full refund.

What Decks Will Be Used for My Reading?

Kohenet Ketzirah has a large collection of tarot and oracle decks. If you have a preference, feel free to select one — if not she’ll intuitively select the one that feels most aligned. Her default deck is the Eht/Aht: a Netivot Wisdom Oracle.

What is an Archangel Reading?
This tarot/oracle card reading spread, designed by Kohenet Ketzirah, draws on the Jewish teachings about the archangels and is inspired by the Kriat Shema (bedtime shema) - more below on this spread’s origins.

It is a wonderful reading for for general guidance in moments when you are struggling or needing supporting or just wanting to tap into the teachings and power of the archangels.

  1. Michael: What is the love I need to embrace?
  2. Gavriel: What is the power I need to claim?
  3. Rafael: What is the healing I need to receive?
  4. Uriel: What will light the way?
  5. Sacred Center: What is the lesson your soul is learning?

In the name of the G!d/dess of Yisrael, on my right Michael and on my left Gabriel, in front of me Uriel and behind me Raphael, and over my head Shekhinah. (from the Kriat Shema - Bedtime Shema)

In the book The Rituals & Practices of a Jewish Life: A Handbook for Personal Spiritual Renewal, there was this unique insight that also inspired this spread.
"I see each angel as a metaphor that describes what I need emotionally and spiritually: strength, courage, insight, and health."

In Jewish tradition from the Hebrew for each name, Michael means “beloved of the Divine,” Gavriel means “G!d/dess is my strength,” Uriel means light of G!d/dess, and Rafael means “healer of/through G!d/dess.”

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