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Chodesh Tov Sticker - Rosh Chodesh - Jewish Planner Sticker

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Welcome in the new month with this holographic Chodesh Tov sticker.
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Chodesh Tov Sticker
Vinyl Sticker 2"

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The new moon marks the new month on the Jewish calendar, so of course there’s a holiday! I thought I would make a sticker that can go in our journals to bless up the changing moon in a Jewish way with a bit of sparkle!⁠

While historically Rosh Chodesh has been considered a “women’s holiday,” but there were also men’s practices called Kiddush Levana (Sanctification of the Moon) - so I say we break the binary and make it all genders!

The sticker is a digital collage with sparkly holographic stars and the words “Chodesh Tov,” in English translation of Hebrew (חודש טוב) and means “a good month.” That’s the way you greet someone and wish them well on Rosh Chodesh.

On the backing paper (not sticky) is a teaching about Rosh Chodesh from the Talmud: “ Anyone who blesses the new month in its proper time, it is as if they greet the Face of the Divine Presence. (Sanhedrin 42a).”

Available as a single sticker a 5-pack or a years worth — 13 in case of leap year - which 5782 is!

Perfect for journals, calendars, phones, sketch/craft booking, water bottles and more. The stickers are long lasting, waterproof, and high quality.

About Holographic Stickers:
* Premium metalized PP film with rainbow holographic pattern

* PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight

* 2-4 year outdoor life PVC free product ]

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