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Blessing Sticker - Seeing a Loved-one after a Long Time - Planner Blessing Sticker

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Jewish Blessing for Seeing Friend for First Time in Over a Year
Vinyl Sticker 1" x 2.5"

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Please note that stickers ship with just a stamp, so there is no tracking.

How do we mark the moments when you see someone youlove again for the first time in a year? It's kind of a relevant question these days.

And of course we have a blessing for that in Jewish tradition.⁠
So I thought I would make a sticker that can go in our journals to bless up the moments that I know are coming for so many of us!⁠

The Hebrew on the sticker in feminine G!d/dess language but otherwise this is the "traditional" blessing.

ברוכה את שכינה אלהינו רוח העולם מחיה המתים
Brukha at Shekhina, eloheinu ruach haolam, m'chayei hameitim.⁠
Translation: Blessed are you, Holy One, whose spirit fills the world, bringing the dead back to life.⁠

Hidden all over the sticker are signs of spring, life, and rebirth!
Look and you'll not only see the daffodils and the bird, but is that a bumble bee 🐝on that sprig of green 🌱? there a ladybug 🐞crawling up the aleph? Are there flowers 🌼🌷growing out of the tops and bottom of the letters?

Perfect for journals, calendars, phones, sketch/craft booking, water bottles and more. The stickers are long lasting, waterproof, and high quality.

About Vinyl Stickers:
* White premium PP film with a permanent adhesive
* PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight
* 2-4 year outdoor life
* PVC free product

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