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Ashrei Shiviti

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Jewish Joy Amulet

  • Size: 3” W x 7.5" L
  • Materials: wool felt, cotton covered felt, cotton embroidery floss, rainbow aura crystals, metal cage
  • Hebrew Text: Ashrei (אשרי) Happy
  • Signed & dated on the back

This hand embroidered amulet is a call to joy. It is the first word of the prayer called "Ashrei," that is sung in the twice in the morning, and once in the afternoon prayers reminding us that joy is central to Judaism and our relationship with the Divine..

The empty “crystal cage” is for you to fill. Be open and inspired. Leave yourself a note. Place stone or small object in it. Place a fresh flower and let it dry. Whatever offerings you are called to make that will help you cultivate joy in the presence of the Divine.

A shiviti is a Jewish amulet/focal point for prayer and meditation on the presence of the Divine in all things. To learn more about shiviti see:

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