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5783 Blessings Bundle

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Stock up on your Jewish stickers for the new year at a discount!
This special limited offer bundle will only be offered through Tishrei (i.e. the first month of the Jewish year), so pre-order today!

Shipping will begin the first week of September 2022. Delivery prior to Rosh Hashanah in USA cannot be guaranteed, if ordered after 9/1/2022.

All orders will include 25 Stickers & 5 L'Shana Tova Postcards

  • 12 Chodesh Tov
  • 5 L'shanah Tovah (Happy New Year) Sticker
  • 5 L'shanah Tovah postcards (5.5" x 4.25")
  • 1 Pomegranate Dreams (with teaching on backing paper)
  • 1 Blessing for Reunions (with teaching on back paper)
  • 1 Evil Eye Ward
  • 1 Set of Emoji Spell Stickers (6 stickers) & Guide


Perfect for journals, calendars, phones, sketch/craft booking, water bottles and more. The stickers are long lasting, waterproof, and high quality.

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