Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy

The Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy offers classes and teaching in three core areas Divination, Cræftwork, and Ceremony

Our approach is to focus on fully embodying the role of the sacred artist , rather than focus on a  specific medium or spiritual path.  Individual training is currently available via the Devotaj Sacred Arts Academy via Patreon featuring at-your-own-pace class on the Foundations of the Sacred Arts and later will expand into additional in-person and online classes, and personal mentoring/coaching, and private community.

Our class on Understanding the Jewish Holidays is available through Darshan Yeshivah.

Cræftwork Training

I offer several cræftwork workshops and classes that you can bring to your community and are (or will be) available for members of the Sacred Arts Academy.

  • Understanding Correspondences
  • Jewish Sigil Cræft
  • Amulet Cræft
  • Tzitzit Cræft
  • Introduction to Ritual Craft
  • Foundations of the Sacred Arts

Contact me to bring any of these workshops to your community.

Ritual training

I offer several classes on ritual design, development, and facilitation. Several are currently included as part of the Kohenet: Hebrew Priestess Institute, and all are taught from a Jewish framework – but can be modified slightly to fit different faith community needs.

Existing class/workshops include:

  • Introduction to Ritual Craft
  • Circle Casting: Creating Sacred Space
  • Understand Correspondences
  • “Extreme Ritual” Challenge
  • Ritual Coaching

Contact me to bring any of these workshops to your community.