Tishrei: Achrayut (אחריות) Responsibility | G’virah

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TEACHING by Kohenet Ketzirah HaMa’agelet

In my naming of the moons, Tishrei is the month of gathering. We gather as tribe and as families and we gather our ancestors back to us. It is also the month of the High Holy Days, a time when we take responsibility for our souls as individuals as well as collectively as a community. Tishrei is also the month where we celebrate the critical autumn harvest that would have meant life or death, in ancient days (and still does in many places). While the simple definition of the soul-trait for Tishrei, Achrayut (אחריות), is “responsibility,” it means more than just being accountable for success or failures of your own decisions. The deeper layer of Achrayut (אחריות) is knowing that we are called to address the needs of others.

“Just as my ancestors planted trees for me, I too am planting trees for my descendants” (Taanit 23a.15)

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