Tevet: Sakranut (סקרנות) Curiosity| Doreshet | Practices


Practices for Sakranut include a song offering from Amy Wachtel, altar practice from Kohenet Bekah Starr, Scentuality by K’Alumah Schuster, sigils and boundary Work from Kohenet Ketzirah HaMa’agelet, and a meditation from Kohenet Judith Idit.

Song from Amy Wachtel (Tzovah)

What Is Life? by Black Uhuru.
I feel it raises a question, if not questions. There’s curiosity, and/or philosophy, to what is the meaning of Life. Somewhat of an ageless question. It offers positive and negative possibilities to the question. This is a question the Seeker most likely ponders along the Way.

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Amy Wachtel (Tzovah)
Keeper of Sacred Time & Space inna Reggae Jewess Musical & Joyful stylee; Night Nurse pon the radio.

Kohenet Bekah Starr
I am a Sacred Artist.
In creating visual art & ritual I weave the magical, mystical, often hidden, wisdom of the Hebrew people, and the Divine Feminine, in a way that allows me to be a translator for you. I use embodied artistic practices to assist us in being present to spiritual moments.

Kohenet Alumah Schuster
As Shomerit Eish Lavananh, Guardian of the White Fire, Kohenet Alumah ardently witnesses, and gently guides . She enters, explores, delves and honors the often silent vast expanse of potentiality that exists in the innermost spaces between. Whether that be  the space between bodies as she works as a Hospice Chaplain and end of life doula, or helping to find the wisdom hidden deep inside the body as both a somatic practitioner and yoga instructor, or in the body of Torah as she parses thru the letters and the spaces they inhabit . As a certified aromatherapist her ability to scent and sense space helps her to help others deepen the arc of devotion with both reverent and irreverent methods. Her deep commitment to learning through embodiment and text opens others to remove and drop their outer garments and reveal their inner light, under the skin, revealing the true nature and bringing them ever closer to Self and self.

Kohenet Judith Idit Breier
Kohenet Judith Idit (Shoma’at baTehomot) is a shrinekeeper clearing the way for the alchemical process of transformation and liberation for the self and collective to occur.   As a teacher of youth she creates the space for inquiry supporting the empowerment of children to create a world based on lovingkindness and justice. As a bodyworker Judith Idit focuses on weaving the fractured aspects of self into wholeness.  She is also the mother of two amazing and insightful adult daughters.