AI & Digital Art

AI and Digital Art is one of the places that I truly feel like I inhabit the concept of creating “fragments of a forgotten future.” Which is the deeper mission of Devotaj Sacred Arts.

Fiber is my primary medium, but that also means the fibers of the internet that empower AI and digital art. I often think of the internet as the realm of chashmal (חַשְׁמַל), which is both the modern Hebrew word for electricity and the Divine energy of Ezekielā€™s vision.

Incantation Paintings

Working with AI art platform Midjourney, I have been creating a series of incantation paintings and sigils that begin in AI, are enhanced through other digital art techniques.

I love using Midjourney for sacred arts not only because of the visual results I’ve been able to achieve, but also because the prompt that starts image creation is: ā€œ/imagineā€.

While some of these pieces exist only in digital forms, others are also being pulled into the physical world and being used as part of mixed media works.

Shretelekh Series

Shretelekh are helper elves from Yiddish folklore. I first learned about them from a Kohenet-sibling and the book Yiddish Folktales by Beatrice Weinreich. Using AI Art techniques utilizing DALL-E.

When I am making these, I feel as though I’m coxing these beings out of hiding via the connective energy of the internet.

Sofrut Shretelekh

The first series of Shretelekh portraits I’ve created are those that I imagine are assisting Hebrew scribes, which are called a soferet (f) or a sofer (m).

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Kitchen Shretelekh

The second series of shretelekh I’ve created portraits of are those who assist in Jewish kitchens and houses. Sometimes they are cooking, sometimes they are cleaning, and sometimes I think they are just eating the food.

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Self Portaits