Zoom Circle Casting

I had the honor of casting a circle in a ritual using Zoom, in support of a friend beginning a new chapter in her life.

Due to a variety of ritual and logistical factors, none of the invocations I’ve used in the past seemed like they would quite worked.  My friend specifically requested, if possible, that one or more of a list of ancestresses be included.

Here is what I crafted for this occasion:

Circle Casting

Place your hands on the keyboard and connect to the chashmal, the electricity, the universal energy that flows between all things. Breathe in and exhale golden light through your fingers into the energy that connects us all across time and space. Breathe in and exhale — visualizing golden light swirling in a circle that encompasses us all.  Breathe in and exhale — visualizing the circle of golden light enveloping us in a temporal mishkan between the worlds. 

We call to mind the memory, the spirits, and the special gifts of seven ancestresses to this place between the worlds to support XXX and the work we do here.

Azkirah (I call to mind)…

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