Tammuz: Tarot Card | The Chariot

Harnessing Potential

The Journey from Sivan through Tammuz to Av, illustrated by the Transparent Tarot

The Tarot card for the month is the Chariot (מֶרְכָּבָה), also associated with the sign of Sartan (סַרְטָן) or Cancer.  The Chariot is a challenge.  It says, quite literally, take the reins.  You have all the power and ability, but will do you do anything with it?  Will you risk failure?  Will you risk success?  Will you risk change?

Smith Waite Chariot Card

The story of these three cards asks us if we will use let love grow stronger, let it grow stagnant, or let it tear itself apart. In the way these three cards appear in the Transparent Tarot we see the potential of love to bring us strength, but it is up to each individual to determine how they will use that strength.  In some cases what we see as darkness, may be where we need to draw our strength from, but it is love that keeps us from falling into that place where strength becomes abuse of power.  It is that connection to another that makes our darkness truly powerful.

The sense of sight, associated with Tammuz, is very present in the Chariot.  There are the eyes of the driver and the eyes of the two horses.  All must be on the road ahead for a safe and successful journey. 

It’s appropriate that we read the story of Balaam and his donkey this month (Numbers 22:21-33).  Sight and who is able to see what is the crucial part of Balaam’s survival on his journey.  And while the story is about the actual sense of sight — this doesn’t just refer to literal vision, it’s really a story of discernment.

It’s also very interesting that the donkey in this case is specifically identified as a female creature, bringing to mind women’s ability to see what men may miss (and of course the opposite is also true) and ideas like women’s intuition.

One final note on the Chariot card is to remember that the term Merkabah (מֶרְכָּבָה) is also used in Ezekiel’s visions (sight) to describe the throne of G!d(dess).  The Chariot in Jewish tradition is more than just a method of physical transportation.  It is a symbol of Divine power.  Keep this in mind.  The same questions asked of you, can be asked and are asked of G!d(dess) all through the Torah. 

Will you let love tear you apart or truly harness that potential and allow you to growth in strength by connecting with others?