Tammuz: Rituals and Activities

Some practices and rituals to try out or adapt during the month of Tammuz including:

The Daughters of Tzelophehad

Learn about the Five Daughters of Tzelophehad!

  • Mahlah (מחלה)
  • Noah (נעה)
  • Hoglah (חגלה)
  • Milcah (מלכה)
  • Tirzah (תרצה)

These five women were mentioned by name four separate times in the Tanakh:

  1. Num 26:33
  2. Num 27:1
  3. Num 36:11
  4. Joshua 17:3

They stood up for women’s rights and won, even though Moses wasn’t so sure. G!d/dess was — and they were allowed to inherit land since they had no brothers.

What ways can the story of these five women inspire you to speak up about injustice? 

Red Ribbons

We offer red ribbons or cloth this month to honor Rachel and all mothers.  Traditionally, red ribbons were a way to ward off the evil eye and are considered especially powerful when ritually wrapped around the tomb of Rachel.  This is also a way to call on the idea of the red heifer which was sacrificed to cleanse the people after the rebellion of Korach.

Light up Tammuz

Try adding light to the month with no major festivals.  Check out this activity from Ritual Well

Explore Creativity through Divine Connection

  • The Netivah, Pathway of Shekhinah, for the month of Tammuz, is Immah – Mother. Meditate on your idea of “Mother” and see what images emerge. Draw them, paint them — whatever.  Don’t worry if you are “good” at these activities.
  • Contemplate the Red Heifer as a symbol of life, death, and rebirth.  Giving birth in previous generations was a risky business.  Many women died in labor and many, many more children died before reaching their first birth day.  Craft your own Red Heifer from fabric or dough and burn it as an offering to cleanse yourself or in honor of the many brave women who been the ultimate sacrifice bringing new life into the world.