Tammuz: Rituals and Activities

Some practices and rituals to try out or adapt during the month of Tammuz including:

The Daughters of Tzelophehad

Learn about the Five Daughters of Tzelophehad!

  • Mahlah (מחלה)
  • Noah (נעה)
  • Hoglah (חגלה)
  • Milcah (מלכה)
  • Tirzah (תרצה)

These five women were mentioned by name four separate times in the Tanakh:

  1. Num 26:33
  2. Num 27:1
  3. Num 36:11
  4. Joshua 17:3

They stood up for women’s rights and won, even though Moses wasn’t so sure. G!d/dess was — and they were allowed to inherit land since they had no brothers.

What ways can the story of these five women inspire you to speak up about injustice? 

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