Sivan: Tarot Card/ The Lovers

It seems like the tarot card for the month of Sivan ( סִיוָ) should be the Tower because life is changed forever with the covenant at Sinai, but it’s not. The card of the month is the Lovers, but when you think about it finding your soul’s other half, is a pretty life altering experience too.  In some cases this may be a lover, or a Bashert, but sometimes it’s a person put in our lifes that is our polar opposite.  Judaism is rife with polarizing siblings or other-halves that, like magnets, repel a person in the other direction even if they are really our other half. This person is always one that helps to reveal more about ourselves than any other person in our life. This corresponds to the Mazal for the month, Te’omim (תְּאוֹמִים) – the Twins

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