Sivan: Tarot Card/ The Lovers

Tarot - The Lovers - Smith Waite Tarot
Tarot – The Lovers – Smith Waite Tarot

At first glance, it seems like the tarot card for the month of Sivan ( סִיוָ) should be the Tower because life is changed forever with the covenant at Sinai, but it’s not. The card of the month is the Lovers, but when you think about it finding your soul’s other half, is a pretty life altering experience too.  In some cases this may be a lover, or a Bashert, but sometimes it’s a person put in our lifes that is our polar opposite. 

Judaism is rife with polarizing siblings or other-halves that, like magnets, repel a person in the other direction even if they are really our other half. This person is always one that helps to reveal more about ourselves than any other person in our life. This corresponds to the Mazal (aka astrological sign) for the month, Te’omim (תְּאוֹמִים) – the Twins/Gemini.

On one side of the Lovers card you have Eve (aka Chava) with the tree and snake, on the other side you have Adam and a burning bush.  In the middle of the card is mountain and a rainbow-haired angel with its arms reaching to bring the two people together. The angel, which many traditions say is Raphael is healing the rift between the two people and brining them together.  In this we can see that love should be about healing, but sometimes we need a hand getting there. The number assigned to the card is six, which is also the sum you get when you subtract the linear month from the torah month.

The hints of “revelation” in the Lovers leads us to Shavuot (שבועות), a holiday that falls in the month of Sivan

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Adapted from a post originally written for Peeling a Pomegranate (2003-2013) by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet