Sivan: Rituals and Activities

Dairy Altar

Connect the milk aspect of Sivan, create a special lamp for your altar this month using clarified butter or ghee and a wick. You’d be amazed how cleanly it can burn, if you’ve never tried it!  Try to make sure you are using butter from cows (or goats) that are ethically treated and grass fed.  Even better — see if there is a dairy you can visit personally and buy the butter directly from the farmer.

Update your altar this month by adding fresh wheat to honor the end of the counting of the omer and the wheat harvest and/or grass and flower in honor of the lushness at the foot of Mt. Sinai.

Food Offerings

Bake shortbread “tablet” cookies and eat them as an offering. 

Have a feast of the first fruits.  Pick fresh fruit (yourself, not off a store shelf!), or buy some of the seven species and then have a sacred meal where you bless the fruits and eat them to honor the tradition of the blessing of the first fruits on Shavuot.  If you don’t garden, then coordinate with a friend who does. 


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