Sivan: Rituals and Activities

Ideas for Shavuot, Creating a Dairy Altar, and other food offerings for the month of Sivan.


Hold a Shavout Seder with seven kinds of cheese, one for each of the seven prophetesses of the Torah.   You can also explore which of the seven days of creation/week you would assign to each prophetess. Notice also that there are seven weeks of the counting of the omer, and so seven weeks between Passover and Shavuot.  Assign on kind of cheese to each prophetess, and study about the prophetess and then internalize that study by eating the cheese.Think carefully about which cheese you assign to each, and be sure to explain your choices to your guests!

Hold an all night study session on Shavuot.  This tradition is very common in Judaism, to stay up all night studying Torah on Shavuot.  In this way, we personally experience the revelation at Sinai over and over again.  To honor the prophetess, spend the night studying the seven prophetesses whose words have been recorded for all generations to remember, according to the Talmud: Sarah, Chana, Dvorah, Miriam, Esther, Avigail and Hulda.

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Connecting Shavuot to Sukkot

At Sukkot we place images of the Ushpizot in our Sukkah.  To honor the prophetess aspect of Shekhinah, create your own Ushpizot cards this month that you will use in the fall at Sukkot. Consider adding seven additional people who have come and gone in your life, but altered it for the better.