Kislev / כִּסְלֵו

Moon of Dreaming (November/December)
As the nights grow longer, we read many Torah portions about dreams and dreaming. In these long nights, take the time to dream and re-ignite your creativity.


  • Linear Month: 3
  • Torah Month: 9
  • Season: Autumn to Winter
  • Holidays:  Hanukkah, Solstice
  • Offerings1: Combinations of Fire and Water or other opposites, Braided Candles
  • Element2: Fire (אֵשׁ)within Water (מַיִם)
  • Symbol: Hanukkiah (menorah)
  • Spiritual Focus3:  Personal connection to Divine through creative expression
  • Netivah: Baalat Ov (בעלת-אוב) Witch/Shamaness/Spirit Vessel
  • Astrological Sign:  Keshet (קשת) Sagittarius
  • Letter: Samech – ס
  • Tribe: Benjamin (בנימין)
  • Sense: Sleep
  • Tarot Card4: Temperance
  • Soul Trait5: Kislev: Yirah/t (יראה/ת) Awestruck, Radical Amazement

Note: Letter, Tribe, and Sense are derived from the Sefer Yetzirah
See NOTES for additional information on sources of these all correspondences.

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1: Offerings & symbols were developed by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet for use as physical offering practices or in artwork.

2: Elements follow R’Jill Hammer’s elemental system as explained on her website and her book The Jewish Book of Days. See pages 16-19 for explanation of elemental system.

The interpretations of the Sephirot are also from Rabbi Jill’s teachings.  Specifically, they are from her Omer Calendar of Bibilical Women.

3: The spiritual focus is my own concept of sustainable spiritual practice.  It is based on my interpretation of the wheel of the year and the Jewish holidays, as taught by many.  The specific focus is for a season, as based on the element have/need system taught by R’Jill Hammer in the The Jewish Book of Days, as referenced above.  For example Autumn is the time of Air within Earth, we have Earth we need Air and is the spiritual focus of Community (Air) within Resources (Earth) or more simply: communal resources.  

4: While tarot is not intrinsically Jewish, it is a derivative of Kabbalah and a can be a useful tool for self discovery and exploration. Tarot correspondences here follow Kabbalistic tree of life by Issac ben Luria, the Ari, as opposed to some of the more common Christian systems.

5: The soul-traits for each month are based on Kesharim K’doshim Mussar, developed by Kohenet Ketzirah HaMa’agelet.

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