Kislev: Spiritual Alchemy

There is so much we could say about Kislev, but I think the spiritual focus of Divine connection through creative expression, from a system I explored years ago, aligns particularly with the Temperance card.

For me, fire (אֵשׁ) represents the element of personal connection to G!(d)dess and water (מַיִם) is the element of personal creative expression. Put together we have a season where we can rebuild our personal Divine connection through the act of creativity.  As seen through the images from The Transparent Tarot below (L-R), the changes and harvest of Chesvhan (Death card) are transformed and bridged in Kislev (Temperance card), but can also trap us in Tevet (Devil card) if we are not careful.

Journey from Cheshvan to Tevet via Transparent Tarot Cards that overlap (L-R). First card is a scythe cutting through wheat representing Cheshvan through the Death Card. This card just overlaps the 2nd card, which represents Kislev via the Temperance card, visualized by a rainbow with a flame at one end and a cup at the other. The third card, Tevet and the Devil card, overlaps the rainbow near the cup appears as five chains pulling away from a wide central ring.
The Journey from Cheshvan to Tevet visualized with the Transparent Tarot

Imagine taking this perspective to the gift giving of the season!

Suddenly, it’s about being creative to recharge your personal bridge to the G!(d)dess.

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Consider the sign of the Bow (קֶשֶׁת) and the Tarot card, Temperance, in this perspective. The bow bridges the worlds of fire and water and creates something beautiful and transient in between. Now instead of seeing gift giving as a crass, commercialization of spirituality — see how you can use your creativity to reconnect you to G!(d)dess. Instead of hitting the sale circulars, get creative. Make your own holiday cards (digital or snailmail). Make your own Hanukkah candles or havdalah candles! You could bake cookiestry a new craft, or explore new music! Or go shopping – there’s no reason that can’t be a creative and spirit filled exercise. Maybe it’s at the mall or maybe you find a local craft fair or artisans to support.

It’s also worth noting that there is a strong connection to Kislev and dreaming – the realm of the Baalat Ov (בַּעֲלַת-אוֹב). Maybe for you it’s time to start a dream journal and reconnect to G!(d)dess through the creativity of your dreams. The final Parshat of Kislev, Vayeshev,  connects us to Joseph the dreamer, just as Hannukah connects us from Kislev into Tevet.

There are so many opportunities to try something new and be creative during the month of Kislev. Whatever you decide to do, focus on using this creativity to reignite your connection to G!(d)dess.