Iyyar: Rituals and Activities

Some practices and rituals to try out or adapt during the month of Iyyar.

  • It’s said that the flavor of manna was like “wafers made with honey,” (Exodus 16:31) so you can honor this and the double portion of manna provided for the Sabbath by being sure to purchase two challah and dipping your challah in honey, on the Shabbat following Iyyar 16th.  
  • Add a rose or rosette to your altar to symbolize the month of Iyyar.  According to Wikipedia (and other sources), the word Iyyar is derived from the Akkadian word ayyaru, meaning “rosette” or “blossom.”

On Iyyar 14 take a moment to clear out any spiritual chametz that may have stayed with you past Pesach.  One month after Pesach is the little known holiday of Pesach Sheni, or “second Pesach.”  Links to learn more about Pesach Sheni can be found in the Learn More section.

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