Eyes: Symbol of Tammuz

Tammuz is another one of those months with no holidays, except for a minor fast, and no real practices associated with it.  At least not any Iโ€™ve found.  This makes a lot of sense when you think of the Jewish wheel of the year in relationship to agrarian cycles.  The summer months are when there is too much work to be done in the fields sowing, tilling, planting and harvesting.   Even though there isnโ€™t a specific practice that we can associate with Tammuz, there is a theme.  Itโ€™s vision and eye sight.  Tammuz is a month that challenges us to really see whatโ€™s in front of us and focus.

If vision is the theme, then eyes are the symbol.

The practice for Tammuz then, is to see.  Open your eyes.  Look at the world around you this summer.  Take in all the color, the wonder, the humor, the magick and mystery of the summer as it unfolds.  Notice things youโ€™ve just walked past before.  See the beauty in everything, from graffiti to the most luscious garden.

Take pictures and share the beauty that you find.  Find new ways to see old things and share that.

See.  Really see.  See those around you.  See yourself.

Tammuz is a month for clarity and vision. So open your eyes.

ื‘ืจื•ึผื›ึธื” ืึทืช, ืฉึฐื›ึดื™ื ึธื”, ืึฑืœึนื”ึตื™ื ื•ึผ ืจื•ึผื—ึท ื”ึธืขื•ึนืœึธื, ืคึผื•ึนืงึตึฝื—ึท ืขึดื•ึฐืจึดื™ื

Blessed are you Holy One, your Presence fills creation, opening the eyes.

Hebrew from Siddur haKohanot, English translation by Kohenet Ketzirah