Lulav & Etrog

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The Lulav is Palm, Myrtle, Willow.  It is the magick wand that was used in ancient water drawing ceremonies connected to Sukkot. It is waved in the 6 directions – ending by raising to the sky and then the earth, which mimics the rain falling to earth. It also makes the sound of rain as it is waved, like a rain stick.  

Lulav (Palm, Myrtle, Willow)

It is made up of 3 piece of myrtle, 2 willow, 1palm branch as well as an etrog (citron).
In the choice of plants – it also illustrates the connection to water (EJMMM

  • Palm is dry 
  • Willow is connected to water, and dries out during the week 
  • Myrtle retains its moisture during the week 
  • Etrog is a vessel of moisture 

The parts of the Lulav also represent parts of the body and the letters of the Tetragrammaton, as follows: 

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