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On Hanukkah, the roots of the season become branches, torches of fire to light our way into the next season, when the light will grow and we will begin the ascent into spring.

The Jewish Book of Days

Hanukkah and its Symbols

Sukkot celebrates the harvest of the earth; Hanukkah, the second Sukkot, celebrates the harvest of fire.

The Jewish Book of Days

Rituals & Texts

Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Temple, the most holy space of the people.

The Jewish Book of Days

Connection to the Solstice

By lighting lights at Hanukkah, we become messengers of radiance, helping ourselves and others rise up like sparks from a flame.

The Jewish Book of Days

Music & Prayers

The Hanukkah nights invite us into a flickering temple of warmth and holiness. When Hanukkah ends, we may not want it to be over, but the womb of Hanukkah is only a preparation for the planting and harvest that will come. The re-dedication of the Temple does not happen so that we can stay in the Temple but so that we can leave it.

The Jewish Book of Days

Book Excerpts

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