Hallel (Psalms 113-118 & 136)

The traditional psalms of Hallel are Psalms 113-118 and Psalm 136 for Grand Hallel. What follows are interpretations of the created by Kohenet Ketzirah haMa’agelet. You may use them in your own rituals and art, and share them — but not sell them in any way. They are published under a Creative Commons Share-a-Like, Non-Commercial.

Uses of Psalms based on Shimmush Tehilim, as found in Encyclopedia Judaica and other sources.

Psalm 113

Uses: To secure the removal of idolatry.
See original Psalm 113 text

Praise the names of Becoming,
Those who serve the One that Becomes.

Let the names of Becoming
Be a blessing;
now and always,
east to west,
above to below,
before to beyond.

Becoming transforms
poor and wealthy
mighty and the powerless
individuals and families.


Psalm 114

Uses: To be fortunate in business.
See original Psalm 114 text

When we were born
We forgot the language of the angels
We roared like a lion
Seeking our place in this world. 

The waters saw us, and fled
The worlds opened
Hearts skipped a beat
And others wept and cried. 

What changes the waters?
What opens the worlds
What causes some to dance
And some to weep with joy? 

The earth trembles
The narrow places widen
The waters gush
First breath and a cry of life 


Psalm 115

Uses: To be victorious in debate.
See original Psalm 115 text

Turn your eyes from false idols
Worship not gods of circuitry and scanners
You shall not make gods of silver and gold

New forms and new ways,
but idols nonetheless.

We bow before them
We sacrifice to them
We sing praises to them

“Beware, lest your heart be deceivedand you turn and serve other gods and worship them.”

Have we not turned?
Who is the servant? 
Who is the master?

Shall we eat and be satisfied,
Or waste the land for the love of false gods?

Blessed the One that Becomes,
Who is change and does change,
Allowing us to turn and return.

Psalm 116

Uses: Against an unnatural or sudden death.
See original Psalm 116 text

I bless the One that Becomes,
because I know
my voice and prayers are heard. 

In times of trouble,
I cried out
and found comfort and rest. 

What must I do in return?
What gifts must I offer?
Shall service mark each day? 

Now goodness and mercy are my vow,
I praise and bless
So all may see and know. 


Psalm 117

Uses: Against slander.
See original Psalm 117 text

Praise the One that Becomes
All nations exalt 

Mercy and truth
Endure forever 


Psalm 118

Uses: In medicine; against scoffers to answer, and to maintain oneself in law.
See original Psalm 118 text

Give thanks to the One that Becomes,
For love is eternal.
Let all say,
Love endures forever. 

Trust in Becoming,
Before princes and men.
Let all say,
Righteousness is boundless.

Embrace the One that Becomes,
Should others reject.
Let all say,
Rejoice today and be glad 

Bless Becoming,
The light shines upon you.
Let all say,
I will exalt you. 

Give thanks the One that Becomes,
For love is eternal.
Let all say,
Love endures forever.

Psalm 136

Uses: On the dedication of a house which has been inhabited by evil spirits.
See original Psalm 136 text

Holy One
One of Wonders
Weaver of the Heavens
Spread the earth upon the waters
And made the Great Lights
The sun rules by day
The moon and stars rule by night                                                     

Love endures forever

A strong hand and outstretched arm
Birthed Yisrael from among them
Divided the Reed Sea
And gave Yisrael passage through
Brought the people through the wilderness                                                     

Love endures forever

The land for a heritage                                                   

Love endures forever 

Caring for all creatures                                                   

 Love endures forever 

Give thanks to the One that Becomes                                                   

Love endures forever

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