Naming the Moons: The Jewish Wheel of the Year

Tishrei (תִּשְׁרִי)

Moon of Gathering (September/October)
It is the month where we gather our families, tribe, ancestors, and final harvest before winter.

Cheshvan (חֶשְׁוַן)

Moon of Stillness (October/November)
The month that invites introspection to allow us to see what we may have forgotten along the way.


Moon of Dreaming (November/December)
As the nights grow longer, we read many Torah portions about dreams and dreaming. In these long nights, take the time to dream and re-ignite your creativity.


Moon of Clarity (December/January)
Tevet is a month to seek clarity on our path; even though the days are still short and the nights are long and dark.


Moon of Centering (January/February)
Shevat is our cosmic opportunity to center ourselves and determine our priorities for the busy growing seasons of late spring, summer, and fall.


Moon of Revealing (February/March)
Be perceptive to the things that may be hidden from plain sight and reveal things in their right time.


Moon of Speaking (March/April)
New Year of Kings
In Nisan we are challenged to speak the truth so we may find freedom and take responsibility for our lives.

Counting the Omer


Moon of Healing (April/May)
Iyyar is an acronym for “I am YHVH your Healer” (Ex 15:26).  It is a month to explore healing practices for ourselves, our communities, and our world.


Moon of Receiving (May/June)
Sivan is the month of receiving both communal and personal revelations at Sinai on Shavuot.


Moon of Fullness (June/July)
Tammuz is the month of claiming personal sovereignty and risking success, failure, and change.


Moon of Endings & Beginnings (July/August)
Av is a month for us to tear down our walls, both physical and emotional, challenge what we believe we need to thrive, and get ready to do the work of beginning again.


Moon of Making Space (August/September)
In Elul … “we become hollow to see what we will create in the space we make. We do tzimtzum, self-contraction, in memory of the first moment of making.”
~Rav Kohenet, Rabbi Jill Hammer via

Note: Many people use the Native American naming of the moons, without even thinking about it — or naming which tribe’s moons they are using. Working with the Jewish wheel of the year, and inspired by Worts + Cunning and Kohenet Ryn Silverstein, I created my own naming of the moons of the Jewish year.