Divine Names

Most Jewish people are familiar with the name “Adonai” for G!d/dess in Judaism, and maybe even Hashem.⁠

But Judaism offers us so many G!d/dess names to help us build relationships with the Divine. Because mainstream Judaism is so heavily focused on the masculine side of the Divine, I’ll be focusing on Femme names, and one that I strongly believe is non-binary name of G!d/dess and another I believe to be trans.⁠ 

Questions for you, as you explore these names

  • What questions do they raise for you?
  • Which resonate with you, which challenge you, which you use, which you wouldn’t?
  • How/why/where you would choose to use different names?
  • As you play with these names, along with your default G!d/dess name how does it change your relationship with the Divine?
  •  What ideas for practices using these or other names of the Divine come to mind?

This source sheet covers these names:

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Did I miss a name that you love? Let me know!

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