Anointing Ritual for Home Blessing Amulets

An anointing ritual for mezuzah, mizrach, or house blessing that I’ve created to bless up art, hamsa or other protective amulets to hang on a wall or shelf of a home.  Always good to reset your mezuzah and other wards at the change of the seasons. Also can be used to “recharge” a mezuzah.  Follow same steps with sealed scroll and then mixture to anoint case. 

Items Needed

  • Bowl
  • Eggshell from challah making (cleaned)
    • Note: don’t have any? reach out, I always have some handy that I can share.
  • Small candle (taper, not tea light)
  • Peace and Harmony Oil (pick your favorite recipe – couple of my favorites NOW, Conjured Cardea)
  • Iron Filings
  • Crumbs from afikomen or challah
  • Rain Water or Spring Water

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