Nisan: Rituals and Activities

Some practices and rituals to try out or adapt during the month of Nisan. Working with the Na’arah (Maiden) – the Netivah for the Month Make a Maiden’s altar with budding flowers and other items symbolic of the maiden. What have you been afraid to do because of fear?  Invoke the Na’arah (Maiden) and let…

Nisan: Tarot Card/ Emperor

Rosh Chodesh Nisan is the New Year of Kings, so it makes complete sense that the Emperor (קֵיסָר) is the card for the month.

Haggadah: Symbol of Nisan

OMG-D/dess! It’s almost time for Passover! With Nisan upon us, preparations for our annual journey out of Mitzrayim begin in earnest.  Whether you take a traditional or modern approach, believe in G!d(dess) or not — Passover is a holiday pretty much all Jews can connect to.  There are so many things we could explore as…

Judah: Tribe of Nisan

Judah (יְהוּדָה), associated with the month of Nisan (נִיסָן), is the fourth son of Leah and Jacob.  In Judaism the number four, the letter Dalet (ד), represents doorways. There are also four new years in Judaism, and the Nisan is the first — the doorway (הדלת) to the year.  Considering the number of fours found in the…

Nisan: Simcha (סמחה) Joy

Welcome to Kesharim K’doshim Mussar, where we explore the soul-traits through the wheel of the year and the Kohenet Netivot. In Nisan, we turn to the soul-trait of Simcha (סמחה) Joy and the Na’arah (Maiden).