Cedar (ארז)

Jewish sources and resources for cedar called erez (ארז) also sometimes gopher (גפר) in Hebrew.

Murry & Lanman Florida Water

Overview Let’s talk about the history of Florida Water, a two hundred year old product with deep connections to African American hoodoo practice, Caribbean and South American communities and also used by many others, but that seems to have started as a simple cologne (or did it?). Part of my curiosity, is a desire to “decolonize”…


Pomegranates have a long connection to fertility, abundance, and beauty across many cultures and Jewish culture is no different. Learn about the pomegranate in Jewish text, culture, and magick.

Owls in Jewish Tradition

Want to learn all about Jewish views, teachings, and traditions about owls and how they were used as an anti-Semitic symbol in medieval Europe?


Jewish sources and resources for the herb Rue/Ruda (Ruta Graveolens) aka Peigam (פיגם) and Herb of Grace.


Source sheet of resources about mirrors in Jewish tradition.