Business Card Amulets

My business cards all contain a blessing/amulet in the form of a three letter abbreviation, also called a Roshei Tevot (ראשי תיבות), Siman (סימן), or Notarikon (נוטריקון).  People generally call these “kabbalah,” but abbreviated phrases as an amulet or talisman is a very ancient, pre-kabbalah practice.

If you want one as a wallet card or altar card, let me know, I’ll send it along for free!

Here’s the key:
Detailed descriptions below.

  • Blue:   אלד – Evil Eye Ward
  • Green: ההע – attracting and awakening love
  • Purple: כלי – fertility, creativity, maturity
  • Black: כהת -Purifying negative energies

Detailed Descriptions: 


  • אלד is for protection from the evil eye and jealousy
  • Abbreviation of אנא למדני דתך
  • “Please teach me your religion”
  • Blue is ancient color for the warding of the evil eye, and aligns with the sephira of wisdom


  • ההע is for attracting and awakening love
  • Abbreviation of: הנני היום עומד
  • “Here I stand today”
  • Green is the color of the sephira of Binah (understanding)


  • כלי is fertility, creativity, maturity (menopause)
  • Abbreviation of:  כי לדברך יחלתי
  • “I have put my hope in your word” (Psalm 119:74)
  • Purple is aligned with the sephira of Tiferet ( תפארת)/ Beauty or Glory.


  • כהת is for purifying negative energies
  • Abbreviation of: כל־היום תהלתך
  • “I will praise you all day long” (Psalm 35:28)
  • Black is a color often associated with protection and purification of negative energies, and aligns with the sephira of Malchut (מלכות)/ Sovereignty.