Elul: Hineni (הנני) Presence

Welcome to Kesharim K’doshim Mussar, where we explore the soul-traits through the wheel of the year and the Kohenet Netivot. In Adar, we turn to the soul-trait of Zehirut (זהירות) Illuminated Awareness and the Leitzanit (Sacred Fool).

Where do we Find the Strength to Heal?

What happens when the worlds seems to crumble?  How are we able to carry on after total disaster?  These are questions that Jews have had to ask far to many times in our history. In some ways it has transformed the tribe into permanent victims, but it has also made us the ultimate survivors.  The…

Rethinking Tisha B’Av

There is a holiday in the month of Av (July/August) called Tisha B’Av. It’s traditionally a holiday of mourning because pretty much everything bad that’s ever happened to us as a people happened on that day. I’m actually all for a collective day of mourning. I think there can be a lot of power in that, but…

Bread, Body, Spirit

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