Sacred Arts for Spiritual Seekers and Bold Souls

Modern amulets, talismans, shiviti, shrines, travel altars, and spiritual tools that are handcrafted for those creating a vibrant spiritual practice that draws on past, present and future.

As an ordained Kohenet, my experience is rooted in the Jewish spiritual journey, but my work taps into universal truths to support people of many faith traditions.

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✨The devotaj Story✨

devotaj = actions of devotion

The word devotaj was dreamed by Kohenet Ketzirah ha'Ma'agelet (the circlemaker), the creator of devotaj and maker of the spiritual supplies sold here.

The word melds the ideas of devotion and "chag" (חַג) in Hebrew. Simply translated chag means "holiday," but it's really a specific reference to the pilgrimage Holy Days where ancient Israelites would travel to Jerusalem or other holy sites.

devotaj is rooted in Jewish women's healing & spiritual practices, but also seeks to weave the threads of universal spiritual practices - so you may see the word "haj" - the Muslim pilgrimage in the end of name, or hear "pujah," the Hindu spiritual practices in it.

Our work seeks to reclaim an authentic Jewish practical spirituality as expressed through sacred arts like amulet making, shrines, altars, and personal talismans.In all created at devotaj, concious effort is made to credit sources and "decolonize" the work. When work or practices are inspired by traditions outside of Judaism, credit will be given, teachings shared. And work from within Judaism, as well, so we can learn and grow together.

You can find our blog at http://devotaj.Tumblr.com and also find us at http://www.Instagram.com/devotaj.arts and http://www.Facebook.com/devotaj.arts.

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